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There are almost too many bad driving habits to count. We’ve categorized some of the most common, yet critical mistakes that drivers make when they’re out on the road. Avoiding these is the difference between smooth sailing, and being at-fault in an accident.  Here are the most crucial poor driving habits from your Las Vegas accident lawyers.


  1. Neglecting your Turn Signal

Somewhere along the lines, information we learned in driver’s education programs begins to slip through the cracks. As the injury lawyers Las Vegas residents come to after an auto accident, we see an alarming number of failed turn signal use resulting in accidents. Even when you’re not planning on making a turn, it’s best to upkeep proper practice and stay ahead of potential collisions.


  1. Driving While Tired

In today’s day and age of extreme eye strain and half of the country working two jobs, being tired is going to happen. However, when extreme sleepiness strikes, drivers should absolutely call for a taxi before attempting to drive themselves home. Driving while exhausted can be equally as detrimental as driving under the influence, and should be treated with the same regard.


  1. Distracted Driving

No matter where you are in the country, distracted driving is a huge issue. As the auto accident attorney Las Vegas residents turn to, we’ve seen both ends of distracted driving claims up close and personal – this is a 100% preventable habit, though even with hands-free driving options, such as Bluetooth and phone docks, and numerous ad campaigns to exhibit the results of distracted driving, it still remains a large issue in the United States.


  1. Ignoring Weather Conditions

If you’ve ever been behind the wheel and late to a meeting or event, you may have been guilty of our fifth and final item – speeding. Mix speeding and inclement weather, and you have a cocktail for disaster that never ends well for anyone involved. Heavy rain, light sandstorms and fog are three examples of weather that should change driver behavior, but often doesn’t.


  1. Speeding

The oldest bad driver habit in the book – speeding. Globally, 1.3 million individuals die each year as a result of road crashes, and a high percentage of those can be attributed to speeding. We’re always in a hurry to get to work, get home from work, or upkeep our obligations with social outings, which often cloud our judgment. Being late for anything is never an excuse to speed, though the temptation is always there.


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