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My grandmother was being mistreated by the staff at her care home. Despite being a private facility with high-priced care and an impressive service level agreement, the reality did not live up to the promise. Her doctors had recommended three hours of physical therapy per day, but records shower no more than one. She would be left to sit in a wheelchair with minimal stimulation and no mobility for up to 13 hours per day.
Within three months, her health declined from being able to get around with a walker to being practically bedridden and requiring physical assistance to use the bathroom. She would complain of being fed sometimes once a day and sometimes not at all. These complaints were accompanied by dramatic weight loss. She started to suffer from kidney infections and mysterious sores on her skin but was not referred to the in-house doctor for antibiotic treatment. Our concerns were repeatedly raised to the nurses, but brushed off with vague assurances that all would be resolved.

We decided to take action against the home management and made a report to the state ombudsman. When this was ineffective, we hired a lawyer to pursue a negligence case against the corporation that managed the home and facilities. We also made contact with the families of some other residents, and a pattern of similar complaints quickly emerged. It was apparent that there were systemic management failures at the facility. After a number of conferences where we presented our evidence to senior management and their lawyers, we attempted to secure their agreement to increase staffing for nurses, hospitality assistants and physical therapists. We were ultimately unsuccessful, though, as the facility staffing passed regulatory compliance, and the managers claimed that staffing levels were at the maximum that their operational budget would allow.

When this strategy failed, our attorney pursued the simpler avenue of a negotiated financial settlement, which we were able to agree on. We used the money to hire an external private nurse and physical therapist to make weekly visits to my grandmother for additional care. Though short of our initial goal, we were satisfied that our attorney had secured the best outcome available under the circumstances. Six months have passed, and our grandmother has improved her mobility, regained some of the lost weight and is living more comfortably and in better spirits.”

As this scenario shows, an experienced attorney can help you deal with the many issues surrounding nursing home negligence. These issues may include:

  • Injuries or health issues associated with improper care
  • Anger and feelings of betrayal
  • Expenses required for nursing home care and additional medical expenses
  • Distress and worry
  • Concern about how to best care for yourself (if you are the patient) or your loved one
  • Uncertainty about how to resolve the problems

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    Tingey Injury Law Firm attorneys have the expertise to help guide you through all issues related to nursing home negligence. We will:

    Investigate the nursing facility and determine whether negligence occurred. We will do this by:

    • Examining public domain reports from regulators
    • Speaking with current and former staff of the facility including management
    • Reviewing court case files to find a pattern of neglect
    • Arranging a medical review and report by an independent geriatrics specialist
    • Investigating your case from every angle to ensure you receive the resolution you deserve
    • Negotiating with the facility owners and their insurance to maximize your settlement
    • If necessary, pursuing court action as a last resort

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      Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer FAQs

      Nursing Homes are supposed to provide high-quality care for your loved ones. But what if they don’t live up to their promises? Consult a Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer now to find out the best course of legal action. You can also check out these FAQs to find out more.
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      How can a Las Vegas personal injury attorney help with nursing home negligence?

      • Nursing home negligence lawyers are specialists with relevant experience to assess your case and advise you on the best strategy to pursue compensation for any damages or injuries you or a loved one may have suffered.
      • A skilled lawyer knows how to represent your interests, communicate with the other parties and their lawyers, negotiate with insurance companies, and advance your case through the legal system.
      • Nursing home and senior care facilities often have complex legal and corporate ownership structures designed to shield the owners and minimize liability for damages. Tingey Injury Law Firm attorneys are experts at navigating these arrangements and ensuring that you are properly compensated for damages and suffering caused by inadequate care.

      What can I expect if I choose Tingey Injury Law Firm to help me with my nursing home negligence case?

      • Experienced lawyers who are specialists in the area of law relevant to your case
      • Lawyers who listen to your concerns and take practical steps to resolve your case
      • Lawyers who will review your case and clearly explain to you your legal standing, your options for resolution and the likely outcomes, allowing you to make the most informed decisions
      • Action-oriented lawyers who will move your case forward with all possible speed
      • The utmost professional courtesy and consistent, timely updates on the progress of your case
      • Lawyers who stay by your side until your case is properly settled

      What is negligence?

      • General negligence is the failure to perform one’s duty.
      • In the case of a senior care or nursing home facility, negligence is the failure of the managing entity to fulfill statutory legal obligations, comply with mandatory regulations or perform according to a service level agreement with its clients.

      What are the signs of negligence?

      If your loved one is being neglected in a care facility, you may notice the following:

      • Complaints of conflicts with nurses, management or other caregivers
      • Changes in their financial status (due to financial manipulation by a caregiver)
      • Behavioral changes, including social withdrawal
      • Lack of hygiene or basic care
      • Unexplained bruises, scratches or other injuries

      What information do I need to have in order to file a claim?

      • Basic details of the care facility
      • If possible, a recent medical report for your relative
      • Photos of recent injuries
      • Financial records of payments to the facility
      • Copies of contracts or terms of service provided by the facility for your loved one’s care
      Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer FAQs
      Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer Las Vegas

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