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I took an Uber across town as I was going out to dinner and drinks at a restaurant with a friend and knew I would not be legal or safe to drive afterward. The driver had his cell phone mounted on the dashboard of the car and kept taking his right hand off the wheel to tap at the Uber app while driving. I could see he was not paying proper attention to the road and became nervous...
About half a mile from my destination the driver was distracted by looking at the app again and the car drifted to the left, mounted the kerb and hit a lamp post, it all happened in a few short seconds. I was wearing my seatbelt but was thrown forward harshly. I was not able to free myself from the seat so I called 911 immediately and the emergency services came quickly to get us out of the Uber car.

I was taken to hospital and x-rayed, the doctors discovered a fractured shin, bruised sternum and 3 cracked ribs. I also had a mild concussion, but was reassessed and released from hospital after 48 hours and sent home. Then I needed to take a month off work to recover physically and lost income as a result.

I filed a basic initial report with Uber using the app while still in the hospital, but I had seen reports about several Uber lawsuits on TV so before proceeding any further I decided to go see a lawyer immediately when I got home and I am glad I did.

My lawyer explained the messy legal situation with Uber and that the liabilities for Uber crashes were not always clear. My lawyer contacted Uber and their insurance company, and also made direct contact with the Uber driver and his personal insurance company. There followed several months of back and forth between all parties before my attorney negotiated a settlement with contributions from Uber and the driver, but with no admission of liability on Uber’s part, and I had to sign an indemnity waiver. The settlement was sufficient to cover my medical bills and lost earning so I decided to take it rather than go through the stress and uncertainty of a court trial, but I still wonder what way things would have gone in front of a judge and if they would have found Uber partly liable for the driver using their app while on the road.”

If you have been in an accident involving an Uber driver, you may be dealing with these issues:

  • How to get medical treatment for your immediate injuries and follow-on treatment for long-term problems like neck and spinal pain which can occur after an accident
  • Negotiating with the insurance companies
  • Confusion about Uber’s policies
  • Confusion and stress about the complexity of these issues all happening at once
  • Trying to get on with your day to day responsibilities at work, school and home while dealing with the additional problems caused by the accident

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    Uber Accident Attorney Near Me

    Tingey injury law firm have the expertise to help guide you through these issues, we have negotiated settlements with Uber-related cases and are aware of the legal complexities particular to these new ride-sharing apps. We will:

    • Suggest medical providers to ensure you receive the best possible care, and pursue the insurance companies to recover these medical costs
    • Refer you to reputable body shops and mechanics for vehicle repair
    • Represent you in all communications with Uber
    • Represent you in all communications with your insurance company and those of other drivers
    • Represent you in all communications with other drivers and their lawyers, or any third parties to the accident
    • Listen to your concerns, then advise and guide you to help eliminate your confusion or stress
    • Secure you the highest possible settlement to the full extent of the law

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    Review My Uber Accident Case for Free





      Uber Accident Lawyer FAQs

      If you are the victim of an Uber accident, the complex situation may entice you to settle for subpar reparations. Consult an Uber Accident Injury Lawyer now and claim what is rightfully yours.
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      How can a Las Vegas personal injury attorney help with an Uber accident?

      • Accident lawyers are specialists with relevant experience to assess your case and advise you on the best strategy to pursue compensation for any damages or injuries you have suffered in a vehicle accident
      • A skilled accident lawyer knows how to represent your interests, liaise with the other parties and their lawyers, negotiate with your insurance company, and progress your case through the legal system
      • Tingey Injury Law Firm have represented injured employees in thousands of cases and have negotiated settlements with all the insurance carriers in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada
      • We understand the system and how to work within it to represent you best
      • Our lawyers keep up to date and well-informed on the latest cases and judgements related to Uber and other ridesharing companies

      What can I expect if I choose Tingey Law Firm to help me with an Uber accident?

      • Experienced lawyers who are specialists in the area of law relevant to your case
      • Lawyers who listen to your concerns and take practical steps to resolve your case
      • Lawyers who will review your case and explain to you in clear language what is your legal situation, what your options are and what are the likely outcomes, so you can make informed decisions
      • Action-oriented lawyers who will progress your case with all possible speed
      • You can expect to be treated with professional courtesy, receive regular and timely updates on the progress of your case
      • Our lawyers represent you without fail until your case is properly settled

      How does Uber’s insurance policy system work?

      • There are highly complex rules surrounding Uber’s insurance cover of their drivers
        In brief Uber insures its drivers ‘on the clock’ – that means when they are en-route to a pickup or have an Uber user in the car
      • At other times the driver is covered by their own insurance policy. Uber considers its drivers as independent contractors, not employees, and tries to disclaim liability for many of their driver’s actions
      • Uber is a relatively new phenomenon so the legal environment around their business is highly dynamic and still evolving as case precedents are being set
      • As more cases related to Uber go through the courts, so lawyers and judges have a record of preceding trials to refer to in deciding how to handle particular cases

      How thorough are Uber’s background checks?

      • Uber checks the criminal record of its drivers
      • Convicted criminals and felons cannot driver for Uber
      • They also check motor vehicle license and driving records for past accidents. Drivers with major moving violations will not be allowed on Uber
      • However Uber background checks only go back 7 years, so the system is not a guarantee that your driver is 100% safe

      How can I avoid an Uber accident?

      • Best practise here is to only accept rides from Uber drivers with a perfect 5-star rating and at least 6 months of driving history with Uber
      • Treat Uber like any other taxi or hire car service and make precautions as you would for any other car ride with a driver you are unfamiliar with
      • If you feel unsafe at any time in an Uber tell the driver stop the car and get out to a safe place as soon as possible

      How is an Uber accident unique from other types of accident?

      • In the case of an Uber accident, you must file a report with Uber in addition to any police reports or insurance reports you have filed. Tingey Injury Law firm can manage all communications with Uber as part of the case resolution progress
      • Uber places limits on their financial liability for Uber driver actions, but these are being tested by cases in courts across the United States and the rules may change
      • Uber drivers often work longer shifts than would be allowed by traditionally regulated taxi firms, leading to increased driver fatigue
      • Uber drivers are responsible for their own maintenance, and are less regulated in their maintenance schedules than traditionally regulated taxi firms

      Can I Settle My Case Directly With Uber?

      • We do not recommend dealing directly with Uber or their insurance companies without first speaking to a personal injury lawyer if you’ve been injured in an Uber accident in Las Vegas.
      • Uber has enormous legal responses at its disposal, and is sued hundreds of times per year, so their stance toward every suit is highly defensive and adversarial. You need a skilled and tough lawyer by your side to represent you – Tingey Injury Law firm are the right lawyers for this role in the State of Nevada.

      Can I Sue Uber?

      • As with any car accident, you must be able to prove that the Uber driver was negligent and therefore responsible for causing the accident.
      • If you wish to pursue a suit against Uber the company, you must have reason to believe that Uber the company was negligent in its responsibility toward you as their customer, and you must have evidence to present a case for this.
      • Talk with your lawyer in depth before proceeding on this course of action. There are always multiple legal options and avenues to pursue. Tingey Injury Law Firm attorneys have the relevant experience to guide you with a strategy that has the highest percentage chance of success.
      Uber Accident Lawyer FAQs
      Uber Accident Injury Lawyer Las Vegas

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