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The bigger the rig, the greater the danger.

“In July 2014, I was driving to work heading east on a county road and observing the local speed limit. A semi-truck driving in the opposite direction drifted into the eastbound lane, and crashed into my SUV. The crash was not head-on but a ‘small-overlap’ frontal crash on the passenger side of both vehicles. The force of the crash pushed my SUV off the road and into an embankment where I quickly ground to a halt, bumping my head against the side window and becoming unconscious."
The truck driver managed to recover control of his vehicle, pulled over and called 911. The fire department cut me loose and I was taken to the hospital. Luckily, I was not killed or brain damaged, but I fractured my leg and spine, and had deep cuts on my arms, body and face. It took many months for me to walk again. I lost my income and could not return to my job as a loader operator because I was unable to complete the physical examination to renew my license.

The police attending the accident had cited the truck driver for careless driving, but the case was dismissed on a technicality. However, my attorney pursued civil suits against the driver and the company who employed him.

We secured a settlement which paid off all my accrued medical bills and sufficient damages to allow me to clear the outstanding financing on my SUV and maintain my mortgage payments for 12 months until I found a new job. Without the help of my lawyers, I would have been bankrupt and unemployed. I am very grateful for this chance to start again.”

As this scenario shows, semi-truck accidents can be devastating, and you need a tough and experienced attorney by your side to help you deal with the resulting issues. If you have been injured due to an accident with an 18-wheeler, tractor trailer, or freight carrier, you may be dealing with the following issues:

  • How to get medical treatment for your immediate injuries and follow-on treatment for long-term problems like neck and spinal pain which can occur after an accident
  • Finding a skilled mechanic and body shop to repair your vehicle to an approved standard at a good value
  • Negotiating with your insurance company, business liability insurer, health insurer and the insurance companies of any other drivers
  • Work missed due to injury and permanent disability restricting your income potential
  • Pain and emotional suffering
  • Trying to get on with your day-to-day responsibilities at home while dealing with the additional problems caused by the accident
  • Confusion and stress about the complexity of these issues all happening at once

There are special factors that separate semi-truck accidents from a typical car wreck:

  • Owing to their large size, weight and power, semi-truck accidents tend to be far more destructive and costly.
  • Semi-trucks can carry volatile payloads including explosive, flammable and toxic gases and liquids.
  • Semi-truck accidents have more complex liabilities than a typical auto accidents as there are more parties involved, including truck drivers, trucking companies, truck maintenance contractors, payload owners and others.

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    Semi-Truck Accident Attorney Near Me

    Tingey Injury Law Firm will reduce your stress and lighten your load by representing your interests and offering practical help to sort out the problems you face after an accident. We have the expertise to guide you through these issues. We will:

    • Suggest medical providers to ensure you receive the best possible care and pursue the insurance companies to recover these medical costs
    • Refer you to reputable body shops and mechanics for vehicle repair
    • Represent you in all communications with insurance companies
    • Represent you in all communications with other drivers and their lawyers, or any third parties to the accident
    • Prepare detailed case reports, which break down the various claims at stake and tease out the liabilities among the affected parties
    • Listen to your concerns, then advise and guide you to help eliminate your confusion or stress
    • Secure you the highest possible settlement

    Get your semi-truck accident case reviewed for free.

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    Review My Semi-Truck Accident Case for Free





      Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer FAQ’s

      With great vehicles come great responsibilities. If a semi-truck wrongfully crashes into you, a Semi Truck Injury Lawyer can help you seek reparations. Find out more with these FAQs
      Click on question below to see more info:

      How can a Las Vegas personal injury attorney help with semi-truck accidents cases?

      • Semi-truck and commercial vehicle accident lawyers are specialists with relevant experience to assess your case and advise you on the best strategy to pursue compensation for any damages or injuries you have suffered in a vehicle accident.
      • A skilled commercial vehicle accident lawyer knows how to represent your interests, liaise with the other parties and their lawyers, negotiate with your insurance company, and move your case through the legal system.

      What can I expect if I choose Tingey Injury Law Firm to help me with my semi-truck accident claim?

      • Experienced lawyers who are specialists in the area of law relevant to your case.
      • Lawyers who listen to your concerns and take practical steps to resolve them.
      • Lawyers who will review your case and explain to you in clear language your legal situation, your options for resolution, and the likely outcome of those options. This will allow you to make the most informed decisions.
      • Action-oriented lawyers who will advance your case with all possible speed.

      What is negligence, and how does it apply in a semi-truck accident case?

      • General negligence is a failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in similar circumstances.
      • Statutory negligence is a failure to perform a duty or observe a responsibility mandated by law.
      • In the case of a semi-truck accident, negligence can apply to:
        • A truck driver for failing to operate the truck with due care and attention
        • A trucking company for failing to provide a safe working environment for their drivers or failing to maintain their trucks and trailers to mandated standards
        • Freight loaders who allow payloads that weigh above legal limits on semi-trucks or otherwise keep their loading yards in an unsafe state for trucks
        • Truck and plant maintenance contractors who neglect to maintain vehicles in their service contracts to mandated standards
        • Authorities who fail to maintain roads and other public facilities for the safe transport of commercial loads

      How can I avoid a semi-truck accident?

      • Don’t follow trucks too closely, leaving a minimum distance of two car lengths between your vehicle and the truck.
      • Check the trucker’s mirrors. If you can’t see the driver’s reflection in their side mirror, they can’t see you.
      • Don’t pass on the right, as truckers’ blind spots are particularly big on that side of their rig. Pass on the left side if needed, and do it quickly.
      • Don’t cut in front of truckers; they may not be able to engage their brakes in time to keep from hitting you.
      • Stay focused on the road, and do not become distracted.
      • If you feel drowsy, pull over at a rest stop and take a 20 minute nap to recover alertness.
      • Avoid cellphone use while behind the wheel. Use a bluetooth or hands-free system to receive and make calls.
      • Use a GPS navigation system if needed to find your way.
      • Be patient. Don’t honk at trucks if you think they are going too slow or weave around in traffic to try to pass them.  Give them time and space to get where they need to go, and understand that they can’t move as quickly as other cars on the road.

      How are semi-truck accident cases unique?

      • Generally, semi-truck accidents are unique from passenger-vehicle accidents in terms of the increased damages that they cause and more complex multi-party liability involved.

      Isn’t my insurance company on my side?

      • Your insurance company is trying to save as much money as they can.
      • Your insurance company’s objective is to minimize liability and pay out as little as possible.
      • Your lawyer’s objective is to get you as much compensation as possible.
      • Your lawyer is a trained negotiator, experienced at remaining cool and impartial while focused on the goal of securing a settlement.
      • This is one of the most important reasons you need a tough and experienced lawyer to negotiate a fair settlement for you.
      • Let your lawyer handle the insurance company.
      Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer FAQs
      Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Las Vegas

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