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I, like many here, would rather not be in an accident situation. With that said, I could not have imagined going through this without Justin and Emerald at the firm. I was able to focus 100% on getting better and didn’t have to deal with anything else. They handled EVERYTHING and provided constant updates. The best part was they provided advice and guidance that was best for me. I truly felt personally taken care of and not “a client going through the steps”

Riley Park


I had an excellent experience at Tingey law. I was involved in a car accident and decided to take my business to Tingey law. I was not disappointed. Chan was my case manager and was attentive and thoroughly answered any questions or concerns I had throughout the whole process. The rest of the staff and my attorney were also friendly and helpful. I definitely 10/10 recommend!
Anthony Maokhamphiou


Everyone here was so wonderful and helpful during this whole 2.5 year long process. Christine was so personable and took the time to get to know us and remembered us even after not seeing us in over a year. Our lawyer was so great at explaining the whole process to us during the deposition and the mediation. Definitely would recommend to anyone in an unfortunate situation.

Samantha Fanter


My name is Cristian I was recently in a car accident not too long and I got recommended to Tingey law firm for my accident and they did not let me down they worked on my case day in day out had me updated on case every time I wanna say thanks to Roma and Shane for taking care of me and my family.100 percent recommend Tingey law firm!

Cristian Cerriteno


Very good experience, the treatment of everyone in the office was fabulous, especially Ivette and Maribel, thank you

Alexi Ramos


My experience was very helpful and knowledgeable. My attorney explained everything, answered my questions and was very professional and pleasant to work with
Debbie Willis


ขอบคุณประสบการณ์ที่ดีมากกับ Tingey Injury Law Firm ช่วยมาจนถึงทุกวันนี้ และที่สำคัญต้องขอบคุณ คุณ

คุณ กุ้งนาง

Excellent. Tingey took care of all legal procedures. All we had to do was keep our appointments with the doctors. Chan was great! She really took care of us. Tingey is the best!
Somsak Sirikan

My experience with Tingey was really good. They work really fast and treat me in a very friendly way. Tingey Law Firm work really fast and professionally.

Sandra Martinez

My experience was very pleasant and easy. Roma, along with Maribel and Maria, were very helpful and knowledgeable in the process. They are quick and efficient, as well as know what they are doing.

Alianna Basulto Leon

Great to be with us I never had a great injury law before I will give al my friend or coworkers your address . Thanks Roma you are amazing

Jhonny Jean-Baptiste


A friend referred me after hearing about my car accident. I am glad I wasn’t let down. They kept me informed throughout the entire process and responded in a timely manner. They were very professional and showed empathy. Even the doctors they work with are kind, they listened and treated the issues I had. My case manager addressed all my questions and concerns.

Linda Rueda


Hired this firm to handle an auto accident. Gave them the information they needed and they handled everything with minimal involvement on my part. They kept me constantly updated by a web site created for my case. They arranged the meetings around my schedule. The time involved from start to finish, was faster than I expected. I was satisfied with the end results.

Leopoldo Miranda