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Black Friday is approaching, and you may already be mapping out your plans to purchase heavily discounted electronics, clothing, toys, and more. Unfortunately, even good opportunities can sour when people let their passions rule. We’ve heard too many stories in recent years of shoppers getting hurt in the frenzy to get a good deal. People have been trampled in rushes on discount products, and gunshots have been fired as people fight over merchandise or parking spaces. Rude or distracted drivers have caused accidents ranging from minor to deadly.

Be Safe on Black Friday

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These tragedies make headlines, reminding us that we can’t be too careful on Black Friday. Here are some of the most common problems to avoid on the upcoming retail holiday.

  • Car accidents. With so many people on the roads, many of them distracted by thoughts of the day’s purchases, traffic accidents are a significant risk. Follow all traffic rules and buckle up. Avoid piling up so many bags in your car that you can’t see out of your windows. Stay off of your cell phone—even if it’s to tell a loved one about your latest deal. The news can wait until you are parked.
  • Slip and fall accidents. As masses of people pour into stores, disorder is inevitable. The floors may become littered with toys, clothing items, or hangers. People may spill drinks, creating slippery areas. Inspect the floor before entering an area to avoid falling and injuring yourself. If there are liquid spills, call for an immediate cleanup to protect yourself and others.
  • People blocking emergency exits. When a store is jam-packed with customers, there may not be a clear path to the emergency exits. Always identify emergency exits as you enter a store, and alert store managers if they cannot be easily accessed.
  • Acts of violence. As emotions run high, people can do things that they regret. There have been a number of shootings involving people in shopping-related altercations. If you see tempers starting to escalate, alert officials and stay clear of the area. If you feel tempted to get into a tussle over a parking spot or sale item, remember that your safety is your top priority. It is far better to walk away than to risk getting hurt.
  • Falling merchandise. Stacked merchandise jostled by shoppers can lead to an avalanche of falling debris. Don’t try to reach for items that are too high, and stay out of areas with tenuously placed items that could fall on you.

With all of the potential hazards, it’s no wonder that the holiday is sometimes known as “Black-eye Friday.” Stay safe as you hunt for deals over the Thanksgiving weekend, and contact an accident attorney in Las Vegas for help if you do become injured.


Be Safe on Black Friday



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