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Black (Not Black and Blue) Friday

Black (Not Black and Blue) FridayWhile the country’s best shoppers are gearing up for a festive Black Friday this week, there are times when that cheap X-Box or buy-one-get-one free DVDs just aren’t worth it – like when they cause bodily injury, for one.

And while the wild shopping is propelled by the season of giving, shoppers after deep discounts can seem anything but. And in recent years, as stores have opened to lines upon lines of shoppers, many Black Friday patrons have been hurt – and even killed in the raucous.

So for you bargain hunters out there, we’ve provided some tips on staying safe this Thanksgiving weekend.

First off, be wary of sales offering limited quantities. This is no doubt where the most hustle and bustle (and possibly fists and elbows) will occur. Avoid confrontations with other shoppers (and there will no doubt be ample opportunity). Most Black Fridays are not only anxious to swipe good deals, but are also sleep-deprived, some having been up all night waiting in line for the store to open.

If you’re one of the brave waiting in lines this Friday, take caution. Stampedes through the open doors have left many shoppers trampled and injured. Be courteous of others and protective of yourself and your family. If more shoppers choose not to participate in the stampede, fewer injuries will inevitably occur.

Additionally, if you happen to be shopping in a colder climate, take care to dress appropriately and watch for puddles and ice in and out of the store.

And happy shopping!