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The immigration process can be overwhelming with a complex series of applications that can take months and even years to complete. If you have issues that could delay your application, your case could become even more intricate and time-consuming.

Why You Need an Immigration Lawyer

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Immigration lawyers can serve as your advocate and help you secure a desired outcome. They specialize in helping people get green cards, visas, citizenship, and naturalization or those who are dealing with deportation challenges.

If you are overwhelmed by the immigration application process, reach out to an experienced Las Vegas immigration lawyer at Tingey Injuryto help you navigate the system. You should also seek the assistance of an attorney if you have had any experiences that could give the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) a reason to decline your application. While government immigration websites provide basic information, they may not be able to guide you through complex issues. Without the counsel of an experienced immigration attorney, you could be deemed permanently ineligible—a status that is very difficult to overturn.

Enlist the help of an immigration attorney if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Application denial. If you have submitted an application that has been rejected, an immigration attorney can help you understand why and assist you in overcoming barriers. Often, a mistake may be as simple as a misspelled word or sloppy handwriting.
  • Delayed response. If you have waited an unreasonably long time to hear back from immigration officials, an attorney may be able to intervene and move your application along.
  • Deportation. Even if you have been deported before, you may still have a second chance at legal status.
  • Divorce. If you were married to a U.S. citizen and divorced before your condition was removed from your residency, it can be difficult to adjust your status. An attorney can ensure that you will have the best chance of staying in the country legally.
  • Child reaching age 21. Your child’s opportunity for permanent residence status could be jeopardized if they turn 21 before the status is granted. An attorney can help you file your paperwork properly depending on the age of your children.
  • Disease. Even with some communicable diseases, immigration may still be possible.
  • Crime conviction. For most applications, you will need to submit fingerprints and declare any criminal convictions on your record.

Don’t leave your immigration status to chance. The Tingey Injury Law Firm offers the expertise of some of the best immigration lawyers in Las Vegas to help you successfully work through the USCIS system and get the results you are seeking.