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Henderson, Nevada has been ranked one of the safest large cities in the USA. In fact, Henderson was recently ranked as the #1 safest large city by Goodcall and as the #2 safest large city by Forbes.

Henderson is a suburban community located less than 20 miles southeast of Las Vegas. With nearly 300,000 residents, it is the second-largest city in Nevada. Henderson ranks after Las Vegas and before Reno in size.

Henderson Needs Personal Injury Lawyers

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Henderson’s stellar safety rating is the result of its low car fatality rate, its low poverty rate, and its low rate of violent crime. Henderson has a reputation for good schools, world-class retirement communities, family-friendly communities, and comfortable suburban living.

So does a prosperous community like Henderson need personal injury lawyers? What kind of negligent injuries happen in a place like Henderson anyway?

Although the vast majority of Henderson’s citizens are law-abiding individuals who would never knowingly hurt anyone, personal injury lawyers are still needed to resolve complicated cases in which damages are obscure or in which multiple defendants or companies are involved. In a place like Henderson, a personal injury lawyer mostly deals with the insurance companies of the involved parties.

Car Accidents

Personal injury lawyers deal with accidents involving motorized vehicles of any kind: car, motorcycle, helicopter, boats, etc. These cases may involve negligent driving, driving under the influence, off-road vehicles, faulty machinery, missing safety features, road upkeep, or government agency failures.

Dog Bites

Approximately 40% of US households have at least one dog, which means that approximately 45,500 dogs live in Henderson. (113,900 households in Henderson. 40% of 113,900=45,560.) In a community the size of Henderson, there are multiple dog bite victims every year who would benefit from the expert guidance of an experienced Henderson dog bite lawyer.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries or traumatic brain injuries (TBI) happen in the military, in athletic and recreational settings, in the workplace, and in motor vehicle accidents. TBI attorneys have the expertise to manage the complexities of these cases, no matter the cause of the original accident.

Wrongful Death

The most tragic personal injury cases extend beyond an injury and take a person’s life. Wrongful death cases can involve anything from nursing home abuse to slip-and-fall accidents to drownings to unsafe chemical exposure. Wrongful death cases are usually brought by the next of kin and claim damages for both financial and emotional damages which affect the remaining family members.

Work Injuries

Work injuries deserve their own category of personal injury law because 1) they are relatively common, and 2) they fall under a specific set of legal rules which apply only to work-related injuries or death. Workers’ compensation law is complex and fast-changing.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Back injuries make up a large proportion of emergency room visits. Spinal cord injuries can be devastating, immobilizing, and extremely painful, and they often necessitate long-term healing strategies and/or surgery. Some spinal cord injuries become permanent disabilities, with little or no hope of full recovery. Such injuries, no matter how they are caused, take a tremendous toll on an individual and their families.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are accidents which involve someone on foot (the pedestrian) who is struck by a motor vehicle. Pedestrian accidents are often severe or even fatal because pedestrians aren’t wearing any protective equipment or helmets. Pedestrian accidents in Henderson have included cars, semi-trucks, motorized scooters, e-bikes, and motorcycles.

Drunk Driver Accidents

Although drunk driving laws have become stricter in recent years, drunk driving remains a sobering problem, even in a suburban community like Henderson. Driving under the influence of meth, prescription drugs, or marijuana is also a problem. If you or someone you know has been injured by a driver who has made the poor choice to get behind a wheel while under the influence, a personal injury lawyer will help you recover compensation for the injury you have needlessly suffered because of another’s negligence.

Nursing Home Injuries

Henderson is a popular retirement community for many of the reasons already listed. The warm climate, ready amenities, nearby airport, and the number of planned communities make Henderson a smart retirement choice. Sadly, the sheer number of nursing homes in Henderson makes the possibility of nursing home negligence higher than it would be in communities with fewer of these facilities.

Though Henderson is indeed one of the safest large cities in the US, it still needs honest, reliable, experienced, and specialized accident injury lawyers. Personal injury lawyers contribute to the safety of a community such as Henderson by defending citizens’ rights to fair compensation when they have been harmed by the negligence of another. Personal injury lawyers in Henderson keep the community running smoothly by ensuring that wrongs are righted and that big insurance companies don’t take advantage of individuals and their families who have suffered damages.


Why Henderson, the #1 Safest City, Still Needs Personal Injury Lawyers