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Getting in a car accident is scary and overwhelming and can put you in a state of shock. You may be tempted to handle your case on your own. Even if your case seems simple now, you case could be challenging to navigate alone. Keep reading to learn which circumstances call for a lawyer.
James DeZao

James DeZao

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If The Injury Claim Has Complicated Factors

If your injury claim has complicated factors, then you should hire an attorney to make sure it is properly handled. Complicating factors like catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, and permanently disabling injuries will require skilled legal representation to secure maximum compensation.

The main reason injury victims handle their claims without an attorney is because they worry about the cost. But most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t have to pay anything upfront. You only pay if the lawyer successfully gets you compensation for your injuries. If they win your case, they will deduct their fees from the settlement or award. So, you won’t have to pay your personal injury attorney out of pocket.

Severe Injuries, Failure to Pay, and Disputed Liability

There are definitely moments when it’s advisable for injury victims to seek the assistance of a lawyer rather than pursuing claims on their own. This typically becomes necessary in a few key

1. Severe Injuries: When injuries are severe, the stakes are naturally higher with medical bills, potential disability, and loss of income. It’s invaluable to have someone with legal knowledge guide the process.

2. Disputed Liability: In cases where an insurance company or responsible party disputes the claim, a lawyer can help gather and present evidence to strengthen the victim’s case.

3. Failure to Pay: If an insurance company or individual refuses to make a fair settlement offer or delays payment, a lawyer could help expedite the process and ensure the victim receives what they’re entitled to.

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Still Determining The Damages, Casework Is Too Much To Handle, and Unsure How to Negotiate

Sadly, accidents can result in more than physical injury. Victims are likely to suffer financial difficulties because of the damages. An injury lawyer helps handle injury-related claims so that you can focus on your recovery instead of the case. In some cases, you can settle the case without the help of an attorney. However, if you want the best outcome for your claim, it is best to seek the services of a lawyer. Here are some cases that call for hiring an injury lawyer.

● Hire a lawyer if you are still determining the damages.
There is a risk of losing out on legally entitled money or even paying for accidents you didn’t cause while still paying for your medical bills. The attorney will assess the damages in your case, such as vehicle damage, physical and emotional trauma, medical bills, lost wages during missed work time, and incapability to work, and get you the deserved compensation.

● When the casework is too much for you to handle alone.
To win an injury claim, much work needs to be done, such as gathering and assessing the evidence of the accident, preparing the required documents, and researching what you need to win the case. An experienced lawyer knows what to look for to get the information needed to support your claim on your behalf.

● If you feel vulnerable and unsure when negotiating deals, it is time to get a lawyer.
Insurance companies are likely to lay an offer on the table, and in most cases, the request is way below what you deserve. An attorney will bring out a professional perspective, prove damages and get you the compensation you deserve.

Serious Injuries That Can Affect You Long TermM

If an injury is serious and has the potential to affect you long term, you need an injury lawyer. The average person has no concept of how much an injury can take from their lives financially and through pain and suffering. A lawyer can help you work through the potential impact and fight for a fair settlement.

If the injury is short-term, like a straightforward broken arm, the injured individual can likely settle the claim themselves. But for anything that requires months of therapy or more, an injury lawyer can make a huge difference in ensuring a settlement that will cover the actual costs of the injury.

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Brandon Frady

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