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If you have been injured in a car accident, it is wise to enlist the services of an experienced auto accident attorney right from the start. These attorneys have dedicated their careers to understanding how to help people get the compensation they deserve in the wake of vehicle accidents. Their expertise is invaluable, whether this is your first car crash or even if you have already been through the process.

What Your Auto Accident Attorney Needs to Know

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Although the attorney will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you, it’s important that you provide them with as much information as you can to help them build a strong case. Police reports can support your case, but you shouldn’t rely solely on them. Automobile accidents often include witnesses from different people who have conflicting points of view. Thus, it is very important that your own point of view is well-recorded and clear. Documentation is everything. The police weren’t at the accident, so while the reports are very valuable, they are only one piece of the total picture.

Here is some important information to share with your attorney to strengthen your case:

Details from the scene: Anything that you collected from the scene can be helpful, including contact names, vehicle information, insurance policy numbers, and more. If you wrote down any details about the accident, whether in a diary or an email to a friend or family member, this information can help your attorney as well.

Photos: A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to car accidents. Police officers include pictures in their reports, but don’t be shy about submitting any additional photos that you may have taken.

Witness statements: If you have contact information for anyone who may have witnessed the accident, share this with your attorney. Testimony from an impartial witness can be invaluable.

Medical records and bills: To build your case, your attorney must convey the toll that the accident took on your health and your pocketbook. You can bolster your case by providing your lawyer with all pertinent medical records and bills, to include prescription receipts. These costs can be covered by the insurance company, so it behooves you to give your attorney a detailed record of your medical expenses.

Lost wages: If your ability to work was compromised by the accident, make sure to provide your attorney with documentation showing days off of work or inability to perform certain tasks due to your injuries.

Again, we can’t overestimate the importance of documentation, so make sure that you go to great lengths to support your case with as many details as possible.

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Hiring an auto accident lawyer during bad times to represent you is a good choice. This means you will not find it burdensome especially when doing your paper works for your insurance claim. If involves other parties that causing your accident, an insurance adjuster that represent the other driver will contact you and your lawyer for settlement. And your lawyer knows how much your case is worth it.

5 Things Your Auto Accident Attorney Needs to Know to Help You Win Your Case [infographic]