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Treading Lightly

Treading LightlyYou know it’s almost the New Year when retail stores are banished of festive décor, scrumptious goodies and bright-colored toys and replaced by diet books, hand weights and at-home exercise equipment, ready and available for your health-conscious resolutions.

But before you bring that new treadmill home, you may want to consider a few precautions. While that revolving belt can help you whittle your middle, it can be surprisingly dangerous for children. In fact, the Journal for Pediatric Surgery has called the increasing rate of treadmill injuries a “public health issue.” So make sure that you have the 411 on keeping your children – and those of visiting friends – free of injury as you work on a healthier physique.

When using your treadmill, keep children away. Make sure they have someone watching them in another room, or secure them in a crib or playpen. When not in use, don’t leave that treadmill standing around. Unplug the machine and stow in a closet or locked room. Additionally, removing the safety clip when not in use may prevent the machine from starting up.

If you’re in the market for at-home gym equipment, consider a model that can be easily folded and stowed when not in use. While it may be inconvenient, stowing your machine between uses can be the very thing that prevents child injury.

After all, you’ve shown concern for your own health – now make sure you’re looking after your children’s’ as well.

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