Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys go through a lot of questioning before being hired, as any professionals are. These are the most frequent questions to ask a personal injury attorney before signing on to your case.

  1. What’s The Financial Outcome Look Like?

Personal injury cases are all about ensuring compensation, and making it worth your while. An experienced personal injury attorney will have experience and prior knowledge to run off of to answer your question properly.

  1. What Is My Role?

Many clients, whom have been injured in an accident, have one question on their minds: how much are they going to be involved in the actual lawsuit? That will vary on the case, depending on how severe the injuries are, and other factors.

  1. Will You Be the Same Lawyer That I Have In the Courtroom?

Some law firms have a specific lawyer that meets with new clients, and goes over the process with them. Talk to your personal injury attorney’s office to find out if the same lawyer that you met at the office will be representing you in court.

  1. What Is This Case Worth?

It’s always on your mind. How much is your case worth in the court? While it’s not completely set in stone right from the beginning, your personal injury attorney will have an estimate of how much you’re looking at.

  1. Will We Go To Trial?

It’s not always clear. This involves some negotiation. Your case can either settle, or go to court. Most personal injury incidents are resolved in the court in about 11M1 two to three years.

  1. How Long Will It Take For My Lawsuit To Be Filed?

Ask specifics when you sit down with your personal injury attorney. Every case is different, and the expectations are different as well. Discuss your concerns about how long it could take to be filed, and get clear, concise answers from your personal injury attorney that will alleviate your stress. You should walk out of the office knowing that you’ve made a sound decision, so ask aw1ay.

  1. Is There Enough Time?

You may be wondering if your attorney has enough time for your case, or if your personal injury attorney is taking on too much. It never hurts to ask this, along with questions regarding to your timeline.

  1. Is My Case Unique?

If your case is similar to other cases that this personal injury attorney has handled, and had good results with, you’re only upping your chances. That isn’t to say that a unique case will not hold up—each attorney has their own track record and knows varied levels of law.

  1. Is There a Contingency Fee?

If you’re going into the office, be sure to ask if there are any contingency fees. In most personal injury cases, the attorney will only receive money if you win. Ask for details about this.

  1. What Advanced Costs Are Included?

In some cases, if you lose, you can still expect to pay advanced costs. Ask for details and check to see if you’re exempt from advanced costs for your specific case.

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