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Summer BBQ Season Brings Liability Issues

The smell of ribs, hamburgers, steaks, corn on the cob and many other wonderful foods being grilled during a breezy and comfortable summer  is one of the favorite pastimes of many U.S. families, especially during the Memorial Day and Fourth of July holidays. But those hot BBQ grills and fun foods can turn into a legal liability if someone is injured or otherwise harmed or property somehow damaged as a result of the grilling activities.

Adherence to Grilling Safety Is Important

Many people who live in apartment buildings either grill outdoors or have neighbors who like to grill outside. And virtually every apartment community has specific regulations against grilling in or near apartment units and buildings for very good reason. A poorly attended grill, especially one using hot coals for heat, easily could cause a fire is a strong wind whipped up the hot coals and blew some into a structure that catches fire. Even juices from steak and other foods dripping down into a hot grill fire or coals can catch fire. And grills that have not been cleaned also easily can catch fire. So paying attention to basic BBQ safety, abiding by lease or homeowners association terms for grilling safely and generally using common sense can prevent grills from damaging property and possible causing a lawsuit.

People Are Responsible for Food Safety

The food itself also can be a liability. If improperly stored, prepped or cooked at any point, a great-tasting hamburger, brat, steak, rack of ribs or other food suddenly could become a danger to those who ingest them. Food poisoning can be a big problem when grilling, especially if the foods aren’t kept properly refrigerated in a cooler until ready for cooking. And if the foods are not cooked thoroughly or contain bones or items that don’t belong, like the part of a broken prong. If ingested, the resulting physical harm could result in a lawsuit against those who performed the grilling.

Summer BBQ Season Brings Liability Issues

Have you or someone you know ever had a grilling mishap that caused a fire or sickened someone?