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Slip and Fall No More?

Slip and Fall No MoreWhile we may not see much of that white cold stuff in Las Vegas, you’d have to be living under a rock (without a TV) not to hear that the rest of the country appears to be covered in it. And while it may be the quintessential winter wonderland to some, to others it can bring about severe injury in slip-and-fall accidents.

That’s why we wanted to highlight “Spread the Sand,” a campaign by a personal injury firm in Wisconsin that utilizes social media to warn against winter danger zones.

“Spread the Sand,” encourages citizens to tweet or email in to report dangerous ice patches on sidewalks, slick intersections, or other winter hazards that may cause serious injury.

And that’s not all hot air (which may sound nice to Wisconsin). Slip and fall accidents send more than 1 million people to ER each year, and businesses spend an average of $30,000 per year for weather maintenance to prevent these kinds of injuries.

Thanks for the good turn, Warshafsky Law Firm.