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Recreational Boating Accidents in Las Vegas are on the Rise


When you think of Nevada in general, dry desert comes to mind well before a boating accident ever would. Between recreational boating on the Colorado River and Lake Mead, non-commercial boating accidents are steadily rising.

Recreational boating accidents relate to leisure boats, larger speed boats, and jet-skis – anything with a motor that you’re using on the water. While these activities are generally thought of to be safe and simple to maneuver, Las Vegas has seen an increase in negligent behavior when operating motorized water vehicles.


How Do These Accidents Happen?


From collisions to damage of public property, as well as other issues (littering, debris left in the water, etc.), there’s an increasing need to monitor boat and water vehicle activity. Vehicles being submerged or capsized in the water, as well as boats running into swimmers or smaller vehicles, have all been reported.

In most cases, these are a direct result of negligence on behalf of the operator. Whether they’ve avoided proper safety procedures or are operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, being struck by a boat or motorized water vehicle is never your fault.


What if I Wasn’t Injured, but My Property Was?


In some cases, if your stationary boat has been damaged without personal injury included, you are still entitled to compensation. When your total damages reach a threshold of $2,000 or more, your case elevates to a different set of reports. A BAR (Boating Accident Report) may also include personal injury, specifically in the case of a disability as a direct result of the incident lasting for a minimum of twenty-four hours. These reports also include wrongful death, and are applied when the victim loses consciousness, as well as medical treatment being required post-accident.


How to Determine Fault in a Boating Accident


Nevada state law dictates that one person must be at-fault in a boating accident. Fault is not immediately determined such as is done in a car accident case; evidence must be reviewed, witness testimonies taken into consideration, and every detail must be mulled-over.

Ultimately, the judge will determine who is at-fault in a case like this. Damages to the victim, the victim’s property (including their boat if it was a collision), may be taken into consideration when compensation is decided. As always, personal injuries take precedence over other factors regarding an incident case. If you’ve been injured or lost a substantial amount of property, you’re entitled to receive proper compensation for wrongful and/or negligent acts against you.


Injured in a Boating Accident in Las Vegas?


You’re not the only one. With these concerns on the rise, injuries are increasing as a direct result. If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating or motorized water vehicle-related incident, you’re entitled to compensation. Call our offices today to find out how we can help. If your requirements for legal counsel can’t wait, use the chat feature on the bottom of the screen to reach a qualified representative immediately.