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Poison Control

Poison ControlThere are over 10,000 chemical substances found in cosmetic products alone, just imagine what is in your cleaning products or chemical agents! So how can you keep your children safe from toxic poisoning? Well, here are a couple great tips from the Environmental Protection Agency:

10 Tips to Protect Children from Pesticide and Lead Poison

  1. Store pesticides and other household chemicals out of children’s reach
  2. Read Directions –don’t use too much or too little
  3. Remove children and their toys before applying chemicals
  4. Properly seal the container when you’re done
  5. Never transfer chemicals to containers children may mistake for food (soda bottles, for example)
  6. Keep insect repellents away from a child’s eyes, mouth, hands and direct face
  7. Wash children’s hands, bottles, pacifies, and toys often
  8. Get your child tested if you suspect he/she has been exposed to lead
  9. Learn more about lead hazards.  Don’t rent or buy until you know more
  10. If you find lead paint, contact 1-800-424-LEAD for help

You can’t be too cautious when dealing with your Children’s safety! Read more here.