Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys

Tingey Injury Law Firm provides legal representation to the people of North Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as neighboring cities within Clark County. Residents of North Las Vegas who suffer an injury in Clark County can turn to our experienced team for help navigating the legal system. Our attorneys are well-known and respected by clients and fellow attorneys alike for our thoroughness and preparedness, making us one of the most reputable and recognized injury law firms in the county. Residents of North Las Vegas who have experienced harm or loss due to wrongful death, car or motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, premises injuries, or dog bites can turn to our team for legal representation. We will also help those who are injured on the job, including workers employed in aerospace and other industrial manufacturing facilities in the city.

North Las Vegas is part of the Las Vegas-Paradise Metropolitan Statistical Area of Nevada. It is the fourth largest city in the state and sits north and east of Las Vegas. Roughly 240,000 people reside in the city. Bigelow Aerospace, an American space technology startup company, is based in North Las Vegas, and Amazon has plans to open a new fulfillment center within city limits. The city is also home to a number of manufacturing, industrial, and warehouse distribution companies. Business growth continues in North Las Vegas, with several high-tech businesses opening in the city, including those specializing in green technologies.

As more people flock to the city for employment, work-related injuries increase, too, particularly for those working in manufacturing and warehousing. Tingey Injury Law Firm has successfully helped many North Las Vegas workers get the compensation that they deserve for occupational injuries. Our attorneys can also help people who are hurt in auto accidents while traveling to and from work or leisure activities. While North Las Vegas is a beautiful area, it is also known for drunk and distracted drivers who can cause devastating injuries to other motorists and pedestrians. We ensure that clients get the best medical treatment possible and receive the maximum financial award that they are entitled to.