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2018: Motorcyclist and Motorist Safety Tips You Should Be Aware of

Every new year brings resolutions, but people rarely discuss safety tips after the celebration and sign-ups begin. These are a few tips from your Las Vegas personal injury law office to stay safe in 2018 as a motorcyclist and as a motorist.

Motorcycle Incidents: Avoiding Them on Both Ends

In almost every motorcycle accident that we see at our Las Vegas personal injury attorney office, there’s a motorcyclist and an automobilist involved. Very rarely are motorcycle incidents the result of another type of driver or cause. We have a few tips for both parties involved to stay safe and avoid crashes.

Drivers: Being aware of your surroundings at all times pays off, but when you’re dealing with motorcyclists ahead of you, it can get tricky. You need to give them extra space for braking, and understand their vehicle’s limitations (even if you’ve never driven one). Avoid:

  • Honking at them if they’re going slow—this can startle the rider and cause them to lose control of their motorcycle.
  • Changing lanes unnecessarily when you are near a motorcyclist in traffic.
  • Account for the weather. Motorcycles can be harder to control, especially in inclement conditions.
  • Cutting-off motorcyclists. It’s only going to end with an incident since they have less control over their vehicles than you do of your car. This is one of the top 10 causes of motorcycle accidents according to

Riders: You’ve got a lot of potential hazards at a motorcyclist, and you need to avoid all of them. There’s a few things you can do to keep yourself safe, including:


  • Avoiding riding between cars—even if the driver ahead of you is going too slow, car drivers are more focused on how their vehicle is staying in between the lines; they’re not expecting you to pop-up between them and another car.
  • Paying attention to the drivers behind you at upcoming red lights. If they’re not paying attention, start slowing down early to tell if they’re going to stop in time, or if you could be getting into an accident (at this point, if they’re being reckless, going between the car ahead of you and the sidewalk isn’t a bad idea).
  • Looking at the car; not just the blinkers. If a car is turning up ahead of you, they may not use their blinkers. While it’s not okay, it’s a common thing people neglect, and it could result in an accident if you’re not careful.
  • Turning the corner slowly. If you cut it too close and turn the corner too fast, you could easily lose control of your bike and end up on your side, or potentially hitting a pedestrian or public property. Then, your claim becomes an entirely new case that gets more complicated.


If You’re In a Motorcycle Accident

Call the Las Vegas offices of Tingey Injury Law for the best personal injury attorneys in the state. After you ensure that everyone is okay and medical attention is received, getting legal aid in a situation like this can make the difference between a failed claim and the compensation you deserve.