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Mistakes to Avoid When Filing an Injury Claim

As experts in personal injury law, we understand that the process of filing a suit can be a complex process. Obviously, if you have a claim to file, you’re likely recovering from the physical and emotional trauma of the accident, so the suit itself can be an added stress.

But before you determine what your best course of action is, be sure you’re familiar with what you shouldn’t do. There are a few common injury claim mistakes that can really put a wrench in your personal injury suit and make the entire process more complicated. Below are three personal injury mistakes that potential plaintiffs should try to avoid:

  1. Giving a statement to your insurance company before consulting an attorney: When you’ve been in an accident, your initial reaction may be to contact your insurance company. We understand that, but you should be careful not to give the insurance company a formal statement. Your company should give you a warning before recording your statement, so politely decline until you have a chance to speak to your legal counsel.
  2. Failing to get proper medical attention immediately and/or obeying a doctor’s orders: If you’ve been injured (or even if you suspect you have), seek medical attention immediately. Not getting proper medical documentation can make your case difficult to say the least. Once you have seen a physician, carefully follow his/her advice and instructions and make sure everything is documented.
  3. Applying for damages for undocumented injuries: Your attorney can give you counsel on this topic, but you should avoid claiming injuries that are not documented by medical professionals. If you have injuries that surface after your initial medical exam, go back to your physician for any that are newly realized.

Have you filed a personal injury suit? Got any golden advice for our readers? Please share below!