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It’s hard to think clearly after a car accident; perhaps that’s why many people make mistakes that hurt them later when they decide to file a personal injury claim. Here’s a list of some of the most common blunders that people make in the wake of car accidents:

Mistakes That Could Jeopardize Auto Accident Claim

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  • Going it alone. Some people try to save a buck by not hiring an auto accident attorney, but this often ends up costing more than it saves in the long run. Insurance companies are experts at finding reasons to deny your claim. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you know what constitutes a fair settlement and fight to get you the compensation that you deserve.
  • Failing to call the police. Police collect key information that you will need if you decide to pursue a personal injury claim. They take pictures that help establish fault and show the scope of damages. They track down witnesses and record critical details of the crash. Also, if the other driver was at fault, they can issue a traffic ticket, which serves as strong evidence for your claim. Failing to call the police could hurt your case.
  • Walking away without evidence. If you’re injured badly after a car accident, your top priority should be to get medical attention. But if you are well enough to stick around and gather evidence, or have someone do it for you, this can supplement the police report and give your attorney even more valuable information to work with. Take photos with your phone, get the other drivers’ insurance information, and write down witnesses’ contact information. The police report should include most details, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If they miss anything, you can fill in the holes.
  • Saying the wrong things. According to Nevada law, the things you say may be used against you. In the confusion after a car crash, you may say things you don’t mean to say, including admitting guilt when the accident may or may not have been your fault.
  • Not seeking out medical treatment. If you experience any health symptoms after the accident, don’t tough it out. Go see a doctor immediately so that they can diagnose and document your health concerns. It’s a good idea to keep your own journal to record any changes in your health. It will help you be more prepared when you go to the doctor and also lock down important details that might otherwise drift out of your memory with time. Make sure to log all of your medical expenses as well, including prescription costs and travel to and from medical visits that may be far away.
  • Being inconsistent with medical treatment. Some people start medical treatment but aren’t consistent with it. This can undermine your case. Don’t take time off from treatment until you are fully healed, and make sure that you are consistent in the way that you report your feedback on your injuries to different doctors.

By avoiding these common missteps, you can take a lot of the difficulty out of the personal injury claim process and end up with a fair recovery for your damages. Contact Tingey Injury Law Firm for help with your auto accident injury claim. Our team of professional, experienced Las Vegas car accident attorneys provide the expertise, strength, and integrity to get you the best settlement possible.