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Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Keep Your Eyes on the RoadSorry, guys, now it’s not just your girlfriend/wife telling you to stop ogling those women. Digital Journal this week actually reported that insurance claims attest to men having more accidents during the summer months. The reason? Women in skimpy clothing.

Oh please, right? Not exactly. Statistics actually show that 29 percent of men admit to being distracted by short-skirted, bikini-clad women during those warm summer days. Men, in fact, had over 16 percent more accident claims last summer than any other month of 2009.

We’re not GQ over here, but it seems like having an injury lawsuit on your hands or a few added points on your driving record isn’t the best way to pick up the girl in the short pink dress, now is it?

Eyes on the road – until you actually get to the beach.