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IPad + Avatars = Your Next Potential Jurors

IPad + Avatars = Your Next Potential JurorsDid you know we are paper free here at Tingey Injury Law Firm? We have gone electronic thanks to the wonderful advances in technology that allow us to share information quickly. One of our favorite tools is the iPad—and cool apps like iJuror.

According to the ABA Journal of Law, “Litigators selecting juries can quickly record juror information with this new iPad app.

Software developer Scott Falbo designed the application with the help of his wife, Renee, a lawyer with Freid and Klawon in New York state, the Buffalo Law Journal reports. The story calls the app “a supercharged organizational tool for the jury-selection process.”

The app has drop-down menus allowing lawyers to quickly record information about each potential juror, according to a review at The app shows a digital seating chart for the potential jurors, each one represented by an avatar. Tap on the juror avatar to enter data such as name, employer, hometown and notes, TechnoEsq says. Then use drop down menus to note the juror’s age, sex, race, marital status, children and education, as well as whether the juror has police officers as family members, prior arrests, history as a crime victim, or former jury service.

Now technology is not just eliminating the need for stacks of paper around the office, but its also helping lawyers out in trials. Pretty cool huh?