Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys

There’s nothing quite like the Super Bowl. The excitement in the air is electrifying as thousands surge to their feet at a touchdown or interception. They brave the cold, the crowds, and the traffic to share in their team’s glorious victory.

Unfortunately, amidst the revelry, many people crowded together could lead to accidents and injury. A distracted fan could hit another car or pedestrian in the crowded stadium parking lot. They may slip and fall when using their hotel’s swimming pool. A business may neglect to maintain its property.

If someone else’s negligence causes your injury, they are responsible for your medical bills and any other bills directly related to that injury.

So, what can a non-resident fan do if they’re injured in Las Vegas? Here are seven frequently asked questions and answers about dealing with out-of-state personal injury claims.

FAQs for Super Bowl Injuries


1. What are my first steps if I’m injured?

If you’re injured, the burden of proof lies with you. You need to collect evidence to prove the following:

  1. The claimant neglected to follow reasonable precautions, whether that means obeying traffic laws or maintaining their property.
  2. Their neglect resulted in a foreseeable injury to another party.
  3. Your injuries are a direct result of their negligence.
  4. Your injury cost you monetarily or caused suffering.

2. Should I see a doctor if I can walk away from the accident?

Yes. Not all injuries are immediately apparent. Head injuries, for example, can continue to worsen even after the injured party goes home. Left untreated, head injuries may cause brain damage or death hours after the accident.

Additionally, your doctor’s visit is critical in documenting your injuries should you need to submit a claim for reimbursement. The doctor records the extent of the injuries, the cause, and your treatment and prognosis.

3. Can I use my attorney from my home state?

Your attorney might not be licensed in the state of Nevada, nor will they be current on the state’s laws. You need the best accident attorney Las Vegas has to offer. They will review the circumstances, collect the appropriate proof, hire any necessary experts, and advocate for you so you get the settlement you are entitled to.

4. What kind of proof do I need to support my case?

There are various forms of evidence your accident injury lawyer can collect, including:

  1. Pictures of the scene of the accident
  2. Pictures of the injuries
  3. Identification of all people involved
  4. Witness statements
  5. Medical reports and bills
  6. Accident reports

5. The insurance company returned with an offer quickly, but I’m not sure how well I will heal. Do I have to take their offer?

Not at all. Insurance companies will be eager to settle the case as soon and cheaply as possible. Their first duty is to their shareholders, not to you. It is better to wait until you are sure you will recover completely or to what degree you will remain disabled before accepting an offer. That way, if you need ongoing help, you can secure significant funds

But how much money will you need? This number can be hard to determine if you are new to the personal injury world, but a skilled attorney can help you do the math. They will likely have seen other injuries like yours and have a good feel for the care needed and how the costs will add up over time.

6. Do I accept their first offer if I’ve healed as much as I will?

Not necessarily. Their first offer is often an opening gambit. They hope you accept it immediately so they don’t have to go any higher. However, your personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas will know how to negotiate on your behalf and can send in a counteroffer.

7. What if they don’t want to budge on the amount, but the offer isn’t enough to pay my bills?

Several factors could affect the outcome of the claim.

  1. Your attorney can ask them to explain the offer. If they need additional documentation to substantiate the amount, the attorney can provide what is needed to solidify your claim.
  2. The at-fault party may only carry a small insurance policy. If they don’t have personal assets that can help pay their debt, your attorney may know another avenue to get you what you need, like going to your insurance company for the difference. Your attorney will have more experience and more ideas on how to secure a fair settlement.
  3. There may be another at-fault party to include in the claim. If you’re hit by a car, for example, the driver is the obvious first choice, but were there mitigating circumstances? The city may also be to blame if, say, the posted traffic sign wasn’t visible. Your attorney will look at all aspects of the case.

It helps to hope for the best but be prepared for the unexpected when traveling away from home. While we hope your Super Bowl experience is amazing (and your team wins the big game), accidents can and do happen—especially during high-traffic events like these. Understanding your rights and resources can help you manage a tough situation and come out on top.