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Car injuries have numerous variables, but one common end result is a concussion. Concussions are considered traumatic injuries to the brain; they’re common enough in life that people are quick to brush them off as a minor injury. Recovery rates can take mere hours, or a few weeks to fully recuperate. If you’ve been in an accident, you’ll be able to identify a concussion with a few simple self-diagnosis steps.


Did You Forget What Happened?

Depending on the severity of the accident, you may be in shock, which is another reason entirely to forget what happened. However, if you’ve sustained a blow to the head and you’ve forgotten what happened prior to the car accident, you could have a concussion.


Could You See Straight?

Immediately following the accident, was your vision blurry at all? Blurred vision can be a sign of a concussion and often goes along with confusion and dizziness. It throws off your equilibrium; the more severe the injury, the blurrier your vision could be. Many victims of a car accident could have a concussion without knowing it, while others may get hit so hard that they blackout completely. It all depends on the nature of the crash and the individual.


Were You Able to Concentrate?

One of the sure signs that you endured or currently have a concussion is losing the ability to concentrate properly. If you’re someone who can lock into an issue, analyze it and stay focused on it, and you’ve experienced a difference in your ability to do so, there’s a good chance you sustained a concussion after a car accident in Nevada.


Were Your Ears Ringing?

This is often accompanied by feeling sluggish or not having a desire to put effort into particular things for some time after your injury. If you notice an immediate change in your behavior, even if the accident was considered “minor” by you or the other passengers in the car, you could still be suffering from the effects of a concussion.


Did Small Noises Hurt Your Head?

It’s like feeling the effects of a migraine, and this one can be hard to judge. If the sound of the ambulance door closing hurts your ears, if it feels like everyone is speaking just a little too loudly, then you might be suffering from a concussion. This is one of the clearest signs—you’re largely unlike yourself, sensitive to things that you’ve never been sensitive before, and it will affect you immediately.


It’s Similar to the Movies

We’ve all seen a film or two where an unexpected twist occurs, and suddenly, you hear a ringing sound and everything slowly fades into focus. That’s Hollywood’s approach to conceptualizing a concussion in a car accident victim, and it’s pretty spot on. In most cases, you’re not going to come back to full realization of what’s going on that quickly. Ringing in your ears, blurred vision, being confused and/or dizzy—these are all the main signs of a concussion.