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How To Get Compensated For a Car Accident Injury If It Wasn’t Your Fault


When you’re involved in an automobile incident that isn’t your fault, you begin to wonder what processes you need to perform to ensure that you won’t be held at-fault, as well as what you’ll need to do to receive full compensation for your pain and damages done. When you’re going to the claim process, take a step back and give this a read.


Gather All The Information


When you’re involved in a car accident, you’ll be at a unique position. Gather all the information from the other driver, but also take a few proactive steps. If you’re able to, and not in serious injury, take these few steps to build your case before a personal injury attorney ever knows that you’re coming.


  1. Statements


Take down names and addresses of any witnesses. If your incident occurred at a popular intersection, or if drivers behind you on the highway exited their vehicles to see if you were alright, you need their statements. Take down their take on the situation, and also get a phone number. Your personal injury attorney may be in contact with them to build your case.


  1. Photographs


Taking photos of the scene with your phone can prove invaluable. Visual aids are helpful when you’re trying to get a few points across: this was not your fault, and you have suffered psychological and physical trauma as a result. When you hear about a car accident, it never sounds as bad as when you see one. These are two sides to the same coin—you need to showcase them both.


  1. Other Driver’s Information


As with any incident, you should take down their information, especially when it’s clear that you were not at fault. You need to get multiple means to contact them, insurance information, and license information. Even though it doesn’t seem helpful, do not throw a fit. Show no outrage at all. It will only come back to harm you later on if your case is brought to court, or if a settlement is decided.


Don’t Wait


Don’t hesitate to enter the office of your local personal injury attorney. The longer the time lapse between the incident, and the case being filed, the more skeptical others will look at the case. You’ve been injured, and you deserve proper compensation. Hesitating will only harm that. If possible, enter an office the moment they open on the day following the incident.


Cooperate With Police


Police will arrive at the scene, along with other emergency services. Stay calm, speak with the police, and tell them everything about the incident. Their statements and information may also be presented if your case goes to trial. You need to ensure that it’s accurate. Being in an accident can cause extreme mental duress—be certain that what you’re saying is 100% exactly as you remember everything happening. Even if it’s an honest mistake, changing your story later is only destined to hurt your case.


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