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Immigrating to the United States is not easy. For many, it is a long and thorny journey with setbacks and moments of discouragement. While immigration can be difficult, partnering with the right attorney is one of the best steps you can take to ensure a smooth and efficient process and a desirable outcome.

Choose the Right Immigration Lawyer for You

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As you survey the field of immigration lawyers in Henderson, Las Vegas, Summerlin, and more, you may become overwhelmed by the choices. You may wonder how to narrow down the field. To help you in this process, here are some tips for choosing the best attorney to partner with.

  • Get word-of-mouth referrals. Talk to friends, family members, or work associates who have used the services of an immigration attorney. If they were happy with their services, you would likely be, too. You can also check online reviews to see what past clients have said about firms you are considering.
  • Don’t go with the lowest bidder. Attorneys’ fees can add up, but don’t be so concerned about saving money that you make price your primary consideration. If an immigration lawyer is charging less than the competition, there may be a reason. Perhaps they are trying to make their profit based on quantity, but they have so many clients that they can’t give you individual attention. Or maybe they are charging less because they are new to immigration law. Look for an experienced attorney who can give your case the time that it deserves. After all, what’s the benefit of saving a few thousand dollars if you waste months of your time and end up having your visa petition turned down?
  • Review fee policies. Attorneys may structure their fees in a number of different ways. Some charge hourly, but others charge fixed fees for standard procedures. The fixed fees help you estimate what you’ll be paying so there are fewer surprises at the end. As you narrow down your attorney choices, make sure to examine their fee policies and make sure that they are fair and transparent.
  • Check credentials and experience. Do a background check with the state bar association to ensure that attorneys are licensed and in good standing. Find out if they have been subject to disciplinary action. Look for someone with at least five years of experience in immigration law, preferably in cases similar to yours.

After you find an attorney that you are happy with, work closely with them. Keep your appointments and provide the information that they need. Good client-attorney communication can often help your application move along faster and ensure that it will ultimately be accepted.

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