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If someone close to you was killed due to another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. Medical malpractice, auto accidents, nursing home abuse or neglect, and on-the-job hazards are common causes of wrongful death.

Help for Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

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If you are considering filing a wrongful death claim, consider these tips:

  • Ensure that you are the best person to file the claim. Nevada courts allow the following individuals to initiate wrongful death claims:
    • Representative of the deceased’s estate
    • Spouse (or domestic partner)
    • Children
    • Parents (in the absence of spouse or children)
    • Individuals who were dependent on the deceased at the time of their death (to include stepchildren or an unrelated child who was dependent on the deceased for more than six months of the year)
  • File in a civil court. Wrongful death lawsuits allow you to receive financial compensation for the losses incurred due to your loved one’s death. They do not punish others for criminal wrongdoing. Wrongful death suits must be filed in a civil court; criminal claims should be filed separately.
  • File in a timely manner. Nevada law requires you to file your wrongful death claim within two years of the individual’s death.
  • Keep supporting documents. A wrongful death lawsuit allows you to recover compensation from the loss of such sources as financial support (present and future), inheritance, companionship, and parental guidance. You can also recover money to defray medical and funeral expenses. In order to support your case, make sure that you can present all relevant documents (including medical bills, receipts for funeral expenses, pay stubs, tax records, etc.)
  • Understand that punitive damages are limited. If the defendant in your wrongful death claim acted maliciously or recklessly, you may be eligible for punitive damages. Punitive damages exceed simple compensation; they are awarded to punish the defendant for their actions and deter them (and others) from repeating them. In Nevada, punitive damages are bound by certain conditions. Talk to an attorney to see if you have grounds to pursue punitive damages.

If you have been affected by wrongful death, you deserve to be compensated fairly and adequately for what you have experienced. Enlist the assistance of an experienced wrongful death attorney in Las Vegas. They can help you navigate complex laws and get the compensation that you need to heal properly from the losses that you have suffered and move toward a brighter future.