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Drive Alive!

Drive AliveThough it might be impossible to believe if you’ve spent anytime on the 5 freeway at rush hour, but statistically America’s drivers are getting better. In fact, in 2008, the US logged the lowest number of automobile-accident fatalities ever.

That said, the rate of auto accidents on American roads continues to be quite staggering – nearly 6 million per year. So maybe we could all use a bit of a brush-up on safety. So we’ve found a few tips to get you from here to there and have you driving (and not resting) in peace.

First things first: Don’t drink and drive. And don’t speed. Don’t get distracted by cell phones, radios, or unwrapping that Big Mac. Don’t drive when you’re sleep-deprived or follow others too closely (it’s both unsafe and annoying). And be on your best defense by watching out for bad drivers. And get those safety checks on your car regularly – it’s all fun and games until your brakes give out.