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Don’t Overlook Liability for Lawn Water

It might seem silly, but when people water their lawns and the water runs off of the property, where it goes could have legal consequences for the property owner. Although most water runoff is captured by the many drainage systems across the Las Vegas Valley, it is very easy for those drains to become clogged and not drain properly. That means water could run off of lawns and out into the streets where it can become a hazard for
Don’t Overlook Liability for Lawn Watersome and a liability for the property owner.

Accidents Can Cause Steep Financial Issues

One of the worst things that can happen when water runoff goes someplace other than into a municipal drain. If the water gets into the roadway and creates a slippery surface, it could cause an accident. Most vulnerable would be motorcyclists and similar single-track vehicles that easily could lose control when running over watered down and slick surfaces. Any injuries and damages caused by the accident could wind up being paid by the property owner, and motorcycle accidents can have costly medical bills to pay. Children also might slip and fall when riding bicycles, skateboarding or doing other activities that a slick surface might upset.

Sidewalks and Icy Surfaces Get Slick

Although not nearly as big of a problem in Las Vegas, if water from laws runs across sidewalks and freezes, the slick surface could cause one or more people to fall, and that could be very costly for the victim as well as property owner. Even wet sidewalks can pose a risk, and some people look for wet surfaces in order to stage slip and fall accidents and get what they consider to be free money. When people water their lawns, they are responsible for where that water goes and any damage or injuries it might cause.

If you water your lawn, do you pay attention to where the water drains?