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Don’t Make Trip and Falls Easy

When it comes to owning property, a trip and fall injury to someone else is hard to defend. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure their property is safe for others. If someone is injured due to a property condition, the owner is liable for costs. The property condition might be something as simple as leaving yard tools lying in the grass. If a neighbor’s child comes over, steps on it and sustains injury by falling or spraining an ankle, for example, the parents of that child can file a lawsuit to recoup costs plus potential punitive damages if negligence is determined. Trip and fall injuries can be costly and difficult for some property owners to pay off.

Wires and Items on Floors Trip the Most

Some of the most common causes of trip and fall lawsuits is when property owners leave items on floors, such as pipes, tools, shoes or anything else that might cause someone to trip and fall, and someone comes along and does just that. Many homes in the Las Vegas Valley are surrounded by pine trees that drop cones all year. Those pine cones easily can be overlooked, particularly at night, and cause someone to trip and fall. The cost of treating injuries as well as any time away from work for healing plus costly physical therapy treatments would be the responsibility of the property owner, and the cost could be great.

Worn and Torn Carpet Can Be Dangerous

When indoors, other than assorted clutter, carpeting that is in a bad state of repair generally causes the most trip and falls. A wrinkle in carpeting or a tear that has risen enough to catch an errant foot easily can cause people to trip and fall. In many instances, that is exactly what happens. And when such things occur indoors, the liability of the property owner is that much greater. Instead of having chance occurrences that can occur outdoors, the insides of homes and other properties at all times are under the full control of the property owner, and liability for trip and fall injuries is that much greater.

Don’t Make Trip and Falls Easy

What do you do on your property to mitigate the chance of a trip and fall?