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Curb Your Anger

Curb Your AngerWhat is it about driving in a car that turns people into frustrated, rage-filled versions of themselves? Road rage, including verbal insults, rude gestures, and unsafe and aggressive driving, can lead to anger fueled accidents- and worse, injury or death. In the US, there are approximately 300 vehicle deaths per year caused by road rage.

What can we do when we feel that anger rising when someone cuts you off? Here are some characteristics of good drivers that we can all learn from:

  • Good drivers are conscientiousness – with this attitude there’ll be no reason for a person to be the cause of other people’s harm.
  • Good drivers are dependable- a person who is reliable enough would not in any way fail another person on the road.
  • Good drivers are agreeable – there is a be lesser tendency for a person to resort to aggression.
  • Good drivers are open-minded – these people will be flexible and value the suggestions of others.

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