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Most Common Accidents Children Get Into in Las Vegas

Oftentimes, children find themselves involved in situations beyond their control. We’ve all seen it happen before.  Accidents occur in Las Vegas that regard children all the time; these are among the most common we see as Las Vegas car accident lawyers:


Car Accident

Drivers don’t even notice the “Baby On Board” sticker on your rear windshield anymore. Seeing that little sign doesn’t immediately bring about a sense of responsibility among negligent or aggravated drivers. When this happens, children unjustly pay the price.


Auto Pedestrian Accidents

Accidents regarding children occur on a regular basis. When drivers drink and collide with pedestrians or fall asleep at the wheel and mount the curb, they’re often not thinking about children being in harm’s way – it still isn’t an excuse for exhibiting negligent and reckless behavior.


Hit-and-Run Cases

With an increase in substance abuse-related accidents in recent years, hit-and-run cases have been steadily on the rise. Certain areas of the United States, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Flint have each reported an “epidemic on the rise” regarding hit-and-run cases. In Sin City, people come from all over the world to exhibit reckless behavior often with a disregard for the safety of the public. In our city, we should be even more cautious of vehicular traffic on a daily basis than anywhere else in the country.


What to do When Your Child is the Victim of an Accident

Your first step is taking care of your child and ensuring their health and wellness. Children and the elderly are less prone to survival in serious crashes and accidents. Allow your Las Vegas auto accident lawyers to begin the process of a claim and working with police and other forces to ensure the necessary steps are being taken.


Avoid Speaking with Insurance Agencies Until You Speak With Your Auto Accident Attorney Las Vegas Office

Insurance companies want to settle anything involving children as quickly as possible. It paints everything in a negative light, as it should, and they’ll seek to settle a claim for a low amount of money in as little time as possible. Speak with your auto accident lawyers Las Vegas representatives before contacting or answering the insurance company.


Get Ready

Settlements and claims involving minors are increasingly difficult to handle, and the process may be drawn-out depending on the circumstances and severity of the sustained injuries. Though it’s the last situation where anyone would want to be patient, it’s a given that you’ll experience more delays than you would with a standard accident case involving all adults. This is where you truly need proper legal counsel more than any other time.


Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers Who Fight For You

If your child has been the victim of a negligent act resulting in injuries, trauma, or wrongful death, your family deserves compensation for medical expenses and various other accrued debts. Children are never at-fault in these situations; negligent behavior, and the drivers who exhibit it, are to blame. Let us fight for your children as the injury lawyers Las Vegas turns to in tough times.