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Has Your Car Been Recalled? Here’s What to Do Next

In a world of growing safety regulations and guidelines, vehicle recalls are at their highest numbers ever. It’s aggravating when you get that letter in the mail or an email confirming that your make and model has been included in a major recall. So what do you do? Here’s a step-by-step guide from your local Las Vegas personal injury attorney office.

Step One: Ensure That the Vehicle Falls In Line

Sometimes, automotive companies send out these mass letters to everyone that owns their brand of vehicle just to get the message out there. Their letters are often vague. If your car is the same model, but it’s not the XL or LE version, you may have nothing to worry about. It’s a common mistake that people make: Look at your registration if you’re uncertain exactly what model your vehicle is.

Step Two: Call Your Local Car Deal and Schedule an Appointment

They’re enduring thousands of local recalls—not just yours. Even if it seems like a minor fix, you should always get your car’s recall problem taken care of by the dealer. For one, it’s completely free, and secondly, they often take the time to inspect your vehicle and let you know if anything else is wrong. The company gets put in the spotlight (not in a good way) when these recalls come out, and they want to let their customers (you) know that they’re still valued. Take them up on the offer.

Step Three: Bring Your Car to the Dealership

You don’t have to sit around all day and wait. Most dealerships have a shuttle service that will bring you home while the repairs are made, and in some cases, they’ll pick you up again when it’s time to retrieve your vehicle. Your issues are of the utmost important when you bring in a recalled car: These dealerships thrive off of sales and commissions, so they need to retain customer loyalty. When you bring your car into the dealership, you’ll be treated with respect, even if you didn’t command it.


FAQ on Recalls From Your Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas Office


Is my car still safe to drive?

Most of the time, these recalls are on smaller parts that aren’t going to imminently dangerous if you get in the car right away. You should still get them repaired as soon as possible.

What do I need to do if I get a letter that my car part(s) have been recalled?

You simply need to contact your local dealership and get the issue resolved. They’ll fix the problem for absolutely no cost.

What if I didn’t purchase my car at that dealership?

Even if you bought the car secondhand from your uncle, that make and model still have a safety defect that the manufacturer is responsible to repair for you, free of charge.

Car Part Issue Caused You an Injury?

Contact our personal injury attorney Las Vegas office immediately if you’ve been in an accident related to your vehicle malfunctioning due to no fault of your own. Your compensation shouldn’t have to wait- the legal team at Tingey Injury Law can help.