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Campfire Liability Can Be Costly

Camping is a popular family activity but one that can result in severe liability due many potential dangers, particularly when it comes to campfires. Most campgrounds will post potential fire dangers and whether or not it is alright to have an open campfire. When the weather is hot and dry and the surrounding country is dried out with lots of tender, having a campfire is downright foolhardy and could result in massive wildfire capable of destroying homes, killing wildlife and possibly people. Some 19 firefighters tragically lost their lives fighting an Arizona wildfire started by a lightning strike. And many California wildfires have started by negligent campers, which then turned into infernos that consumer homes and sometimes kill.

Criminal and Civil Costs Are Great

If a camper accidentally starts a wildfire, particularly if there is a ban on campfires and that was the cause, criminal charges often times are filed in addition to civil liability for the cost of any destruction caused and any lives that might have been lost. That means if there is any reason to suspect reckless or even criminal behavior on the part of campers, any resulting damage or destruction could result in criminal charges as well as costly civil liability.

Take Proper Precautions and Abide Fire Bans

When campers take the necessary precautions to prevent fires and abide by fire bans when posted, they greatly reduce the odds of starting a destructive inferno. Likewise, when smokers properly dispose of their cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products after smoking, there is no chance of causing a fire or other mishap resulting in steep civil liability costs and potential criminal charges. Enjoying the great outdoors is a lot of fun when done right. When done improperly, it can become a costly legal and civil liability that is very troublesome for all parties involved.

Campfire Liability Can Be Costly

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