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Big Rigs, Big Risk

Big Rigs, Big RiskHeavy trucks, or big rigs as we often refer to them, are under tremendous pressure to meet deadlines for deliveries and keep a clean safety record, all at the same time. We can’t be too sure if a driver is sleep deprived or trying to keep up with a busy schedule. Personal injury attorneys who are skilled in truck driver accidents work hard to make sure drivers are held accountable when they are responsible for accidents.

Here are some surprising statistics:

  • When a heavy truck collides with a passenger car there is a 98% chance that someone in the passenger car will be injured or killed.
  • The average big rig weighs in at around 15 tons and the average passenger car weighs around 4 tons.
  • Every 16 minutes someone is killed or injured in an accident involving an oversized truck.

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