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Big Court Cases In Las Vegas

In the city that never sleeps their are bound to be all kinds scandal going on. It may start from something innocent that got out of hand or it could of had a plot from the beginning. Over the years we have seen many of these terrible events that make it into the court room. There have been many that have even had the attention of the nation.

Big Court Cases In Las VegasOne of the more recent cases we’ve seen in Las Vegas is the OJ Simpson robbery case. It took place at the Palace Station on the night of September 13, 2007.  OJ and his men alledgedly broke into Bruce Fromong’s room armed and stole sports memorabilia items. OJ claims they were his items and that they were not armed. OJ was charged with robbery, kidnapping, coercion and conspiracy. OJ was convicted on October 3, 2008.




Big Court Cases In Las VegasAnother big case, especially among Nevada’s youth was the 311 Boys trial. It involved local Centennial High School students who were supposedly in a gang called 311 in July of 2003. The altercation happened when three teens tried to leave a party in a pickup truck when they were followed and surrounded by many kids. The tuck was rammed from behind and the passenger in the pick up was being punched in the face. As they were trying to leave rocks and beer bottles where being thrown at the vehicle. One rock the size of a softball was thrown through the window striking a boy in the arm and face named Steve Hansen. He had to undergo surgery and had metal plates put into his face to  reconstruct it. The person who threw the rock could not be identified. 9 teens where originally charged then later 5 teens pled guilty to lesser felony charges.

Another famous trial is the Ted Binion murder case. On September 17, 1998 Ted Binion was found dead at his house. The first suspected cause was a drug overdose. After further investigation they ruled his death as a homicide. Binion’s girlfriend Sandy Murphy and Rick Tabish were charged with his murder. Murphy and Tabish where supposedly already having an affair and conspired to kill Binion for his money. They where both found guilty. However later the case went to the supreme court and they had a retrial. They were acquitted of murder but they were convicted on lesser charges of burglary and grand larceny.