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Avoid a (Really Strange) Car Accident in Las Vegas

Avoid a (Really Strange) Car Accident in Las VegasWe probably don’t need to tell you the basics keys to avoiding Car Accidents in Las Vegas – don’t drink and drive, don’t text and drive, don’t drive when you’re drowsy, keep your car in good operating condition – but what about those, well, strange things that could cause a car accident in Las Vegas?

Are you ready for the Las Vegas car accidents you’d never know you needed to watch out for? These accidents (that have actually happened!) are good examples of why defensive, undistracted driving is an invaluable skill. After all, what could be more important than protecting yourself and your family from mayhem on the road?

Caught Shaving: A 2010 car accident in Florida was caused by a woman who decided to shave while behind the wheel. Her husband held the steering wheel from the passenger seat as the women groomed herself, only to crash into another car. Although the couple attempted to switch seats to hide the cause of the accident, the airbag burns on the passenger’s chest tipped police off to the real story.

Getting “Bugged” Out: Do you have arachnophobia? Well, you may want to keep it in check. One reported car accident was caused by a woman who saw a spider in her car and was so terrified she recklessly drove into an oncoming vehicle. Each year there are several accidents reportedly caused by insects causing drivers to (literally) bug out!

Spaceship Sighting: Believe it or not, there have been accidents reportedly caused by alleged UFO sightings. In the midst of a “paranormal” experience, some drivers claim to lose the ability to function (and therefore drive).

Beauty Struck: In case you’ve never taken the phrase “she stops traffic” literally, maybe you should. In the country of Colombia, one in 20 car accidents are caused by men gawking at attractive women. So the next time you see a woman (or man) who looks like he or she could “stop traffic,” make sure it’s not your traffic.

Moral of the story: There are some crazy people out there. Avoid a car accident in Las Vegas by always being on the lookout (you know, for flying saucers, black widows and Latin beauties).