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Avoid a Personal Injury Attorney This Season In Las Vegas

>Avoid a Personal Injury Attorney This Season In Las VegasThe holidays are officially upon us. And if you’re looking for a season of family time, good food and fun activities, you’re not alone. But the holiday season is also the season of accidents. In fact, ER visits rise significantly during the holiday season due to accidents. While we are passionate about serving our clients as their personal injury attorneys, we hate to see anyone get hurt. So this year, keep a personal injury lawsuit off the books in the new year by following these holiday safety tips:

Safety Tips from Your Personal Injury Attorney

Tread “Lightly:” If you’re stringing lights, take note: hospitals and urgent care clinics are packed each year with victims of holiday lighting accidents. Be sure you have a stable ladder in good condition, and untangle your cords before climbing the rungs. You should also inspect every string of lights for loose or frayed wires. If you find them, throw them out!

Avoid Too Many Cooks: A busy holiday kitchen can be a dangerous place. Too many bodies in the kitchen can lead to confusion and anxiety, which could increase your odds of getting hurt with a hot burner, a sharp kitchen knife or any other number of dangerous kitchen tools. Keep your personal injury attorney at bay and play it safe – and calm – in the kitchen.

Road Trip Right: Those holiday road trips to grandma’s house can turn into tragedy if you’re not careful. Never drive when you’re tired, distracted or have had something to drink. While you may be playing it safe, be on the lookout for drivers who are not – their distracted, drowsy or drunk driving can wreak havoc on your holiday.

Be Fire-Safe: What do dry Christmas trees and hot lights or glowing candles create? A mess. Keep your home, family and guests fire-safe this holiday season by regularly watering your tree, making sure all lights and candles are off before leaving or going to bed, and ensuring that all electronic decorations are in good working order.

From your personal injury attorney, have a safe and happy holiday season.