Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys

At Tingey Injury Law firm, our accident attorneys have a 50-year legacy of standing up to Big Insurance and helping our clients recover their losses. We know that injury accidents are traumatic and that navigating the legal system while trying to heal from injuries can be overwhelming. We also know that it’s not fair that people should have to suffer due to the negligence of others. That’s why we advocate for our clients, guarding against the underhanded tactics and low-ball settlement offers of opposing insurance companies and fighting for the full compensation that our clients deserve.

Though we pride ourselves in our five decades of experience in personal injury law, we owe our success to something more—our values of approachability, honesty and trust.  These qualities can’t be easily seen or measured, but they are the foundation of everything we do. Here’s a closer look at why they matter.


We live and breathe personal injury law, but we don’t expect our clients to.  If you’ve been injured in an accident, the whole experience is probably new to you.  You hope that you gathered enough information at the accident scene but you may not be sure.  You don’t know the rules for talking to the opposing party or their insurance company.  Besides that, you’re hurting, and your life is probably on hold as you work through the injuries that were thrust on you. Maybe the insurance company has proposed a settlement offer, but you have no idea if it will be enough to cover your injuries—which are still healing.  And all of the paperwork—it’s a nightmare!

These are very real concerns, and fortunately, we’re very real people who know where you’re coming from. The arms-folded, frowny-face lawyer that you see on the billboards—that is not us.  We’re fathers and husbands, mothers and wives who understand the firestorm of emotions accompanying personal injury cases.  We’re here to listen, empathize and guide you through the legal process so that you can recover physically and financially.

Tingey Injury Law Firm is family-owned.  Don Tingey opened our firm in Las Vegas in 1969 and still comes to work every day.  Two of our attorneys, Bruce and Dean Tingey, are Don’s sons.  Our clients frequently comment on the “family feel” in our office, which is a reflection of our goal to make each of our clients feel like part of the family.

Honesty and Trust

These qualities—or the absence of them—can color the experience you have with your attorney as well as the outcome of your case.  Consider these examples.

  • While wading through a pile of medical bills from your injury, you notice a bill from your lawyer that costs far more than expected because it’s padded with “surcharges.” When you confront the office, they say you agreed to the surcharges, which were mentioned in the fine print of the contract.
  • Your lawyer claims to be working on your case, but it’s moving along at a turtle’s pace. She is slow to return your call and when she finally does, she seems preoccupied and hazy about the details of your case.  You get the sense that this is a “case mill” focused on high volumes and that you’re getting lost in the shuffle.
  • Your attorney instructs you to conceal the fact that you had a pre-existing injury, noting that it will make your case stronger.
  • You get a notice that you have missed an important filing deadline for your case. Wasn’t this your attorney’s job? When you approach him, he passes the blame on to the court.  You don’t know who to believe.

Working with an attorney with low personal integrity can lead to the scenarios described above. It is a frustrating and dangerous game.

At Tingey Injury Law Firm, we have no hidden fees, and we don’t make promises to our clients that we can’t keep.  We are transparent in our communications, including our initial assessment of your case.  We never “sell out” to get quick results but do all in our power to get you a fair settlement.

Since Don Tingey started our firm in 1969, he has held himself, and the Tingey team, to the highest standards of honesty and trustworthiness—and people have noticed.  He was awarded the Nevada Trial Lawyer Associations “Badger Award” for going above and beyond for his clients as well as the Nevada Justice Association Lifetime Achievement Award.  We are proud to be continuing this legacy.

If you’re suffering due to an injury accident, the last thing you need is an attorney who is intimidating, undependable or dishonest.  Contact our team of accident injury attorneys and find out why Las Vegas residents like you have trusted us with their personal injury cases for 50 years and counting.