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Most dog bites and fatalities occur in rural settings, but you would be mistaken to think that they don’t happen right here in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. In fact, tragically, two pit bulls mauled a 62-year-old man to death in Henderson in 2018. Dog bites and dog wounds are much more common than most people realize.

Here are some Q&As to help you understand more about dog bites and their ramifications.

1. How many dog bite-related fatalities occur in the US in an average year?
a. 4
b. 40
c. 80
d. 200

b. In 2018, 36 dog bite-related fatalities occurred in the US. Although this statistic translates into less than one fatality per state, it is a horrific statistic to contemplate. This dog bite fatalities statistic is just the tip of the iceberg. Each day, approximately 1,000 people receive emergency medical care for serious dog bite injuries. Around 14,025 people are hospitalized every year in the US due to dog bite injuries. The number of dog bite injuries would not surprise a personal injury attorney. Once in practice, attorneys realize that dog bite cases are a relatively common cause of personal injury settlements and lawsuits.

2. Which age demographic is at the highest risk of suffering a fatal dog attack?
a. Children under the age of 9
b. Adults ages 19-29
c. Adults ages 50-69
d. Adults ages 70+

a. Children under the age of 9. In 2018, the most at-risk age demographic was children under the age of 9, comprising 43% of all fatalities. The second most at-risk age demographic were adults aged 50-69. Although adults are bitten more often, children are more likely to suffer serious injury.

3. Where are you most likely to be attacked by a dangerous dog?
a. On the street
b. On hiking/nature trails
c. On the dog owner’s property
d. At a dog shelter

c. On the dog owner’s property. Over 80% of dog attacks occurred on the dog owner’s property. The majority of these victims were family members or household members of the dog owner.

4. Which kind of dog is the most dangerous to humans?
a. Pit bulls
b. Mastiffs
c. Rottweiler
d. Abused dogs of any breed

a. Pit bulls. Pit bulls have been involved in so many more human attacks than any other breed or type of dog that they are regulated in most states and on military bases.

The chart below shows 2018 US dog bite fatalities by breed:

2018 dog bite fatality statistics

5. Dogs are the animal that is the most dangerous humans.
a. True
b. False

b. False. However, dogs are the 4th most dangerous animal to humans and the most dangerous domesticated animal by far. The deadliest “animals” (we use this in a broad sense) for humans worldwide are: 1) mosquitoes, 2) other humans (murder), 3) snakes, and 4) dogs. Dogs kill more humans worldwide than tapeworms, sharks, crocodiles, felines, and tsetse flies combined,

6. How many dog bite fatalities result in criminal charges?
a. 1%
b. 20%
c. 50%
d. 99%

b. Only 20% of dog bite fatalities result in criminal charges. This surprising statistic may be the result of injured parties’ ignorance about their rights for compensation and redress. Dog bite injuries actually make up a significant proportion of most personal injury law firms’ business. Dog bite injuries can and should be prosecuted so victims can receive compensation for their medical bills as well as the pain and suffering experienced. In addition, prosecuting a dog bite injury or fatality will ensure that the dangerous dog is properly monitored or euthanized.

7. Human bites are more dangerous than dog bites
a. True
b. False
a. True. Humans have more bacteria in their mouths (even when clean) than dogs, so a human bite presents a higher risk of infection than a dog bite. However, any bite that punctures the skin is potentially dangerous and should be treated by a qualified medical professional.

8. If you need legal advice about a dog bite, you should not call a personal injury lawyer; you need a specialized dog bite injury attorney.
a. True
b. False
b. False. Dog bites are common; a reputable personal injury law firm will have the expertise that you will need. However, during your initial consultation, ask your potential attorney about their previous experience with dog bites. Your attorney should be able to give specific examples when you ask for them.

9. You need to seek immediate medical care if a dog bite results in which of the following symptoms?
a. Bleeding that lasts longer than 15 minutes from a dog wound
b. A fever that coincides with a dog bite.
c. A dog bite which doesn’t appear to break the skin, but which becomes swollen, warm, or painful.
d. A dog bite that breaks the skin mildly, but you haven’t had a tetanus booster in the last 5 years.
e. All of the above.
e. All of the above. You should seek immediate medical care if you experience any of the above symptoms.

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