Injured in Vegas? The Hidden Costs of (Not) Hiring an Accident Injury Lawyer

What are the most common physical injuries after a serious car accident?

Doctors might say burns, spine injuries, concussions, headaches, bone fractures, tissue and joint damage, ringing in the ears. A mental health professional might add anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, irritability, paranoia, disordered sleeping, and PTSD.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer will bring you peace of mind after a car accident.

Car accidents cause an immeasurable amount of financial and emotional upheaval.  A personal injury lawyer can serve as a calm and objective advocate, filing the paperwork with the insurance company, dismissing frivolous counterclaims, and meeting court deadlines and protocols.  Your lawyer will be your professional spokesperson to deal with a situation that is deeply emotional and personal to you.

Your lawyer knows how to deal with big insurance companies.

Most personal injury claims are not paid out in cash from one individual to another.  The vast majority of compensation comes from one insurance company to another insurance company or from one insurance company to an injured individual.  Insurance companies will do all they can to avoid paying out cash, sometimes lowballing plaintiffs or using delaying strategies.

Injuries don’t just affect you.

Your injuries also affect the people who are close to you. Your injuries may affect your immediate earnings and your lifetime earnings as well.  Your medical costs affect the entire family. Your elderly parents, your partner, and your kids are connected to your financial and emotional wellbeing. Call on a professional with the experience and skill to take the stress out of your legal journey and ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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